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Fair Child's director Tabitha Osler is an innovator in Children's clothing by using waste as a resource to better the future for children.


Tabitha has an ever-growing awareness of the urgent change needed in the fashion industry. This, amplified by her entry into motherhood, is forefront of mind as she reflects on the effects of climate change on our children’s’ ability to live in a world with access to fresh water, bounties of food, and natural resources. The social and environmental impacts of fast fashion coupled with climate change exposes a serious gap between consumer habits and responsible stewardship of the Earth.


Little girl wearing her Fair Child 100% waterproof children's coverall and playing in the water.

Tabitha wants to connect children with their environment and give them an opportunity to fall in love with the natural world. Her design challenge is to create waterproof garments that allow children to be outdoors – everyday, all day, whatever the weather – in the most transparent way possible.
To learn more about Tabitha's Journey, please check out this blog post: