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Kickstarter Supporters

The supporters to launch Fair Child from our kickstarter in 2017.
By supporting Faire Child you are joining our movement of inspiring children to make and play outdoors, whatever the weather. We can’t wait to see your children get outside for the day and remain cozy and warm with Faire Child. We thank you for joining us on this journey and for your support, especially those who supported our Kickstarter Campaign in November of 2017, listed below. 

The campaign for Fair Child weatherwear a crowdfunded business venture to create sustainable luxury children's clothing brand.
Cindy Cowan
Elisabeth Bond
Sarah Hare 
Lydia Fulton 
Shawn Robins
Mern O'Brien 
Kelly Rogan 
Lydia Buxton 
Cecile Schreiber
Catherine Lazier 
Nicole LeBlanc
Aaron Whitman 
Michaela Becker 
Stefan Morales 
Charlotte Osler 
Gay Osler 
Stephen Osler 
Stuart Strathdee
Nora McKnight 
Amy Jephcott 
Libby Gough 
Murray McRae 
Cynthia Moore 
Rachel Thompson 
Peter McBain 
Tasha Sutcliffe
Jo Cook 
Jake Buren 
Emily Hogg
Mark Freeman
Edward Boyce
Mary Evans
Rayleen Hill
Christy Nyiri
Nick August
Krista Comeau
Mitzi Hauser
April Robins
David Simmonds
Julie Hauser-Jones
Bridget Honan
Mary-Lynn Ogivie
Jennifer de Kleine 
Barbara Richman 
Emlyn Murray
Alison McLean
Rachel Shamash
Doris McLennan
James Moes 
Cara Savege
Janet Brown 
Nina Gilmour 
Nicola Davison
Jennifer Green
Susan Lehman 
Meghan Whitton
Amber Kilborn
Rita Kozina 
Maya Sanders 
Dennis Kwok
Sammy Lafford
Authur Gaudreau 
Lynette Sanders
Wendy Lill
Kerstin Greiner 
Julia Schenck
Hayley Sherman 
Jenipher Ritchie
Hallie Watson
Meghan McKenna 
Erica Brook 
Laura de Gouw
Judy Wells 
Kate Archibald 
David Burt 
Linda Romano 
Gary Markle 
Lynda Porter
Jamie Morrison
Carmen Caddell 
Cheryl Hodder 
Peggy Edwards
Elizabeth Beale 
Adam Gilmore 
Johnny Hockin 
Beth Freeman 
Anthony Shim 
Alexis Moore 
Cathy Jones 
Lydia Mans 
Melanie Harris 
Lorca Moore 
Jeff Harper 
Richard Knowles 
Miles Murphy 
Susan Cole 
Elissa Bernard
Patrick Robins 
Tim Robins 
Gerry Potter 
Lindsay Stollery 
Aimie Brown 
Tom Anthes
If you supported our Kickstarter Campaign in Nov 2017 and do not see your name listed above, please contact us at info@fairechild.com. Thank you!